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Quality without compromise.

The requirement of our customers for our company to develop and manufacture reliable and safe products in accordance with the highest possible international quality standards is at the very centre of our quality policy. In close cooperation with all our staff and with the active involvement of our customers and suppliers, the DWK Life Sciences GmbH has established a quality management system that conforms to DIN EN ISO 9001 and which is integrated into daily practice.

This quality management system is the foundation for all the processes that our products have to go through: from the customer's initial enquiry, through to order processing and delivery and up to customer feedback. We value the success of DURAN® products as a sign of confidence from our customers in our quality system, in our logistics and in our service. Moreover, we are constantly working on improving our performance by assessment of the status quo and from it deriving new, ambitious goals, which we want to attain through process-orientated thinking, planning and action. 

In everything we do, customer and staff satisfaction as well as adherence to the principles of environmental sustainability and the improvement of our energy efficiency are important criteria that we constantly measure and aim to improve upon.


Safety and environmental protection as corporate goals.

Human safety and protection of the environment are important goals for our company. To achieve these, we are constantly working on the development of more environmentally sustainable products and manufacturing processes while ensuring the use of resources in a sparing and responsible manner and setting high standards for the safe operation of our plant. 

The DWK Life Sciences is committed to responsible and fair behaviour towards society and the environment. Legislative guidelines and official ordinance are considered a minimum requirement. In our daily operations we go well beyond this minimum. 

We commit ourselves further to reducing our demand for energy and at the same time to continuously improving our energy efficiency in the long run. To put our energy objectives into effect we have introduced an energy management system according to DIN EN  ISO 50001. Here we are making sure that all requirements of this standard will be put into effect correctly and that the processes within this energy management system are subject to continuous improvement.


At the site Pula / Croatia we have introduced an environmental management system according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001. We commit to implementing all requirements of this standard are implemented correctly in everyday operations and to improve adverse environmental effects continuously.