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This optimum physical and chemical performance makes DURAN® the ideal material for use in the laboratory and for large-scale industrial plant in the manufacture of chemical apparatus.
Moreover, it is widely used on an industrial scale in all other application areas in which extreme heat resistance, resistance to thermal shock, mechanical strength and exceptional chemical resistance are required.


Uniform wall thickness distribution

  • Improved mechanical stability and higher resistance to temperature changes
  • Extended product service life and cost savings
  • Increased user safety

Raw materials

  • Constant, uniform high raw material quality by use of long-term suppli
  • Latest weighing systems and fully automated batch preparation
  • Daily retain samples from the raw material


  • Decades of experience both in manual forming as well as in fully automated production lines
  • Stress-free products thanks to technically perfected cooling processes



  • Many DURAN® products can be traced back to the time of manufacture (batch certificate)