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, 20.12.17 |

DWK Life Sciences – Information on rollout of new DWK Life Sciences branding

In June 2017, the companies DURAN Group, Wheaton Industries and Kimble Chase merged to form a new global company – DWK Life Sciences. In this context the former DURAN Group GmbH with its headquarters in Wertheim/Mainz was renamed DWK Life Sciences GmbH

We are now in the process of establishing a global, unified brand presence for the new company DWK Life Sciences and its three acclaimed product brands DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE®. 

Consequently, the visual appearance of the company, the individual brands and respective products as well as all related materials are being adapted to the new DWK Life Sciences corporate design. This involves the implementation of our new company logo and our new product logos on all products, packaging, web domains and other product and company related materials. 

With this letter, we would like to bring you up to date on our ongoing re-branding activities and highlight the most important changes that you will experience in the near future. Due to the stepby-step approach, there will be a transition period as we go from old to new branding. 


Change of product brand logos: We are changing the product brand logos for our three major brands: DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE®. In the case of DURAN® products, the SCHOTT DURAN logo will be replaced by the new DURAN® product logo. 

We have already started manufacturing the first DURAN® products displaying the new product logo. During the transition period, you may see products carrying either logo.

Change of packaging and label design: The packaging and labels will be successively re-branded to fit our new DWK Life Sciences corporate design.

For DURAN® products, the white packaging with cyan print will display the new company logo, our new slogan “Excellence in your hands”, the new DURAN® product logo, URL and QR code linking
to our new company website.

During the transition period a mix of products with either old or new product logos and old or new
packaging designs may occur.

Change information on selected packaging:
For selected DURAN® products and their respective packaging, a colored change information label will be printed on the box to illustrate the change of product logo (see image above). The change information label comes in multiple colors. In addition, a cyan-colored change information tape will be used instead of the regular clear tape. 

For more information on DWK Life Sciences, please visit our new corporate website at

Yours sincerely,
DWK Life Sciences GmbH


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