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, 08.02.18 |

A Proper Stopper for DURAN® GL 45 bottles from DWK Life Sciences

DWK Life Sciences has launched a new DURAN® branded GL 45 synthetic rubber stopper specifically shaped for the reliable sealing of all laboratory bottles with a GL 45 neck finish.

Thanks to the virtual inertness of DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass, high value and sensitive materials are routinely stored in the DURAN® Original GL 45 laboratory bottles. However, most of the commercially available screw closures do not provide a seal that is reliability impermeable to gases and water vapour. Therefore we have developed the new DURAN® stoppers from a high-purity bromobutyl rubber elastomer. Bromobutyl rubber is a well-understood material that is essentially impermeable to most gases, including water vapour, and maintaining controlled conditions inside the glass bottle.

Alistair Rees, DURAN Product Manager at DWK Life Sciences commented: “The new GL 45 stoppers meet the critical requirements of many high demand applications such as in anaerobic microbiology, or for the long-term storage of moisture or air-sensitive substances.”
In addition, the soft elastic bromobutyl rubber is reliably self-sealing supporting multiple needle punctures, providing secure access for sampling, or gas purging. Perfect for applications requiring gas purging or sample transfer via a syringe needle.


The stopper shape and dimensions have been carefully optimised for a perfect fit to the GL 45 neck. This means that it is usable with the full range of DURAN® GL 45 bottles that range in size from 100ml up to 20 Litres.

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