DURAN® is trusted quality worldwide. For your products it´s ultimate pureness.


DWK Life Sciences GmbH is a leading supplier of special solutions made of borosilicate glass 3.3 (type I glass), offering a broad spectrum of accessories for various areas of application as well as the leading range of laboratory glass. As our products are used increasingly in pharmaceutical processes, our Pharmaceutical Industry section was set up. 

Pharmaceutical Industry Product Management develops and supervises products for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The Pharmaceutical Industry Product Manager is your direct contact person for all questions concerning our primary packaging. 

In the pharmaceutical regulated field, pharmaceutical and agent manufacturers are subject to strict requirements, adherence to which is monitored within the framework of inspections. 

The requirements of product and supplier qualification are of particular significance for us as a manufacturer and supplier. 
With our new DURAN PURE product series we provide you with a complete solution which was developed specially for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.