By: Kathrin Speicher

, 13.05.09 | Product News

DURAN® products with individual laser marking

For individual and permanent lettering of glass articles, the DURAN Group offers innovative laser marking.

Thanks to its innovative laser process, the DURAN Group can implement custom solutions with individual lettering options, even for small series runs.

The system enables flexible lettering according to customer wishes in the form of text, consecutive serial numbers, barcodes, etc. Processing of the specifications takes place using the standard .tif file format. The marking makes an important contribution to the unique identification of the respective content and thus ensures accidental interchange within the laboratory is prevented. This is particularly important for sensitive areas, such as for example in the pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology.

Previously, individual marking was, due to the processes used, e.g. screen printing, only possible with very large batches or was associated with very high costs (burnt-in labels).
Due to a new innovative technology, markings can now also be implemented for small series runs. The laser marking can be burnt into the labelling field but does not interact with the glass due to the wavelength used. Only the screen printing ink is removed so that the glass surface remains undamaged. The proven DURAN® glass properties such as high continuous usage temperature, high thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance thus remain unchanged.
The use of the latest laser technology means very good letter quality is obtained and hence very good legibility. The marked DURAN® glass articles are, as previously, autoclavable/sterilisable and can be used in microwaves and washing-machines.

Moreover, it is also possible to individually label amber DURAN® glass articles, as the laser marking, has no effect on the amber colour.

Laser marking offers the ideal solution for labelling your products. It permits lettering of glass vessels, according to requirements in various variants.
In this respect, the individual laser marking conforms to DURAN® quality claims as it causes no limiting of the product properties.