By: Kathrin Speicher

, 13.05.09 | Product News

DURAN Group presents new products at ACHEMA

At ACHEMA 2009, the DURAN Group is presenting two new products alongside its proven laboratory glassware:

DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks with baffles

When cultivating microorganisms in Erlenmeyer flasks on a vibrating board, the oxygen intake is frequently the limiting factor for cell growth.
In standard DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks, a liquid sickle forms, the size of which depends on the speed of the board and the vibration diameter. The larger the surface of the content, the larger is the gas exchange surface and with it the possible oxygen intake.
The speed and the associated oxygen intake only increase in a limited manner. The new DURAN® Erlenmeyer flask with four baffles on the bottom interrupts the laminar flow to create a turbulent flow. The surface of the liquid and the gas exchange surface is increased, so that the oxygen intake can be increased. Laboratory tests showed that the oxygen intake could be doubled due to the chicanes in contrast with the standard DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks.
Due to completely automated machine manufacturing, the Erlenmeyer flasks with baffles from the DURAN Group are geometrically reproducible. The wall thickness of the flasks has been increased to achieve excellent mechanical strength and to guarantee a long product service life. The special manufacturing process means it is possible to manufacture the product complete with threading in a two-stage process. Hence the flasks can be sealed with the proven membrane cap from the DURAN Group. This enables reproducible gas exchange in contrast with other closure op-tions, such as sealing with cotton wadding or similar. The cap can be reused many times.

Quick release closure with sealing disc for DURAN® GLS 80 laboratory bottle

The chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of the material for the the new quick release closure for DURAN® GLS 80 laboratory bottles has been considerably improved and matched to high laboratory requirements. The material used is a special compound based on a polyarylsulphone.
The closure is temperature resistant up to 180º and autoclavable. The seal, which is coated on both sides with PTFE, ensures the bottle can be tightly closed. As the medium only comes into contact with PTFE, the quick release closure is ideally suited to chemically demanding processes.
Thanks to the quick release thread, the DURAN® GLS 80 bottle can be opened and closed with only a three-quarter turn.
A matching PTFE pouring ring is also available for the the GLS 80 quick release closure, permitting clean, drop-free use. Due to the material used, the pouring ring is highly chemically and thermally resistant.
Neither the quick release closure nor the matching pouring out ring contain any dye so that dirtying or contamination of ovens, drying chambers and sterilisation cabinets can be excluded.