By: Kathrin Speicher

, 17.06.09 | Company News

Swine flu: Pharmaceutical groups choose laboratory glassware from DURAN for vaccine production

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared swine flu to be a pandemic and raised the level of influenza pandemic alert to phase 6, the highest. Governments in many nation states have therefore arranged contracts with vaccine producers. As a result, the DURAN Group – one of the world’s leading providers in the premium laboratory glassware sector – has received several major orders. Pharmaceutical groups are primarily placing orders for large-volume production containers made of DURAN® glass. Due to its high quality and hygiene, vaccine manufacturers use this laboratory glassware for production and storage in particular, as well as for transporting pharmaceutical liquids.

“We are seeing growing demand from leading vaccine producers,” explains Dr. Fabian Debus, product manager for the Pharmaceutical Industry division, pointing out that his company is prepared if the pandemic spreads further: “Because communication with our customers is so good, we are well placed for such eventualities in terms of both quality and quantity.” DURAN supplies the pharmaceutical industry with exceptionally reliable, safe products which comply with the highest international standards of quality. In this context, Debus emphasizes the high quality of the raw material, the fact that each item of glassware has an even wall thickness throughout and the Group’s decades of experience in manufacturing laboratory glassware. “This benefits the company’s customers as well as the end users of vaccines.”

At present, several pharmaceutical conglomerates are working on a vaccine against the H1N1 virus. It may, however, take up to six months for such a vaccine to become available. According to information from the WHO, so far 163 people have died of swine flu, 108 of them in Mexico. There have been more than 35,000 cases worldwide. In Germany, the number of cases has passed the 100 mark. At least 46 children at a Japanese school in Düsseldorf have been infected. Several persons in Munich and Cologne have also contracted the virus. Although this highly infectious flu is harmless in most cases and scaremongering is discouraged, experts are pointing out that, unusually, a number of healthy young people who would normally be expected to recover from flu have died from the illness.

As a globally active manufacturer, DURAN has a product range that extends to more than 5,000 products. So that the Group can supply its customers reliably and promptly, it operates a fully automated high rack warehouse with more than 22,000 pallet positions for DURAN® laboratory glassware products. In a number of countries, DURAN also holds extensive stocks which are administered by local laboratory dealers in order to respond to customer requirements quickly. Visionary chemist Otto Schott laid the foundation for the success of the DURAN Group – now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware – in 1887 when he invented heat-resistant borosilicate glass.