By: Tim Lütkepohl

, 29.03.09 | Product News

The GLS 80 Stirred Reactor – the ideal system for your mixing processes

The GLS 80 Stirred Reactor provides better through mixing than conventional magnetic stir bars and this makes it ideally suited to the most varied range of mixing processes. The drive is provided by a commercially standard magnetic stirrer.

The stirred reactor is compatible with the proven GLS 80 connection system. Hoses (1.6 to 12 mm diameter) can be connected via the ports to enable media to be added or drawn off during the mixing process. A sterile pressure equalisation (0.2µm) can also be fitted as an option and the ports that are not in use can be closed off with a blank closure.
In addition two different types of stirrer (paddle or anchor) are available, which can be interchanged without any trouble. The stirrer can be operated with different viscosities.

The stirred reactor can be supplied as a set with the 1000 ml or 2000 ml DURAN® laboratory glass bottle. Alternatively, the individual parts and spare parts can be ordered separately.
The complete system is autoclavable and all the parts in contact with the media conform to FDA guidelines.
The properties listed provide the stirring system with a high degree of flexibility making it adaptable to the particular application.

Further information:
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Tim Lütkepohl, Productmanager Labware