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Here you'll find frequently asked questions about DURAN® glassware for manipulators.

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What is the difference between "finished" cones and sockets and "diamond-ground"?

Finished - reduced surfaced roughness, corresponds to: finer grinding quality.

Diamond-ground - higher surfaced roughness, corresponds to: coarser grinding quality.

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At what angle can ground spherical joints, be mounted?

According to standards, no more than 5 degrees.
From experience and dependent upon dimensions, an angle of 10 to 15 degrees is possible.

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Have RODAVISS® screw caps a GL thread?

No, they have a special thread.

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Are caps and seals available for SVL screwthread tubes?

No, we only supply accessories for the GL version.

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Can individual glass parts be ordered for PRODURAN® valves?

Yes, however, the positioning of the valve pin is to be checked and, if necessary, reset.

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Can individual PRODURAN® valves be ordered for the valve pins?

Yes, however, the valve position is to be checked and, if necessary, reset.

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Can individual glass parts or valve pins be ordered individually for GU valves?


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Are filter discs also available in intermediate sizes?

Yes, but the prices depend on dimensions, porosity and requirement quantity.

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Is the side burette stopcock key with side entry (art. no. 28 603550) useable for KB certified burettes?

No as the tip must be specially needled.
This is important for the flow time!