Boiling flasks and general laboratory glassware

DURAN® beaker


DURAN® beakers are available in low and high form.




DURAN® Erlenmeyer flask


DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks are available as narrow and wide neck versions.




DURAN® round bottom flask

  • Proven DURAN®  properties 
  • With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking 
  • Uniform wall thickness distribution makes these flasks ideal for heating applications
  • Geometry permits very uniform heating 
  • Safety instructions



DURAN® round bottom flasks are available as narrow and wide neck versions and as flat bottomed (standing) versions.




DURAN® test tubes

  • Proven DURAN® properties 
  • Different types: with beaded rim or straight rim, screw cap, Kapsenberg caps
  • High thermal shock resistance

Different test tube versions are available (with and without beaded rim, with screw cap, with Kapsenberg cap). NMR and centrifuge tubes are available for special applications.