Glass filtration apparatus and accessories

DURAN® Filtering Apparatus

  • Removable filter discs ensure easy cleaning
  • Slit-sieve disc for mounting filter paper / membrane filter
  • Only glass and PTFE come into contact with the medium
  • Gratuated filter head
  • Reliable plastic hose connection
  • Tried-and-tested DURAN® filtering flask
  • All components are available as replacement parts

You can find further information about the DURAN® filtering apparatus here




DURAN® funnel

  • Particular suited to use with hot or aggressive
  • Media thanks to the thermal shock and
  • Chemical resistance of DURAN®
  • Also available in soda-lime glass

The funnels are available in various geometries and similarly as soda-lime glass.




DURAN® filter funnel and filter crucible

  • From DURAN® glass with its good thermal shock and chemical resistance
  • Filter funnels mate to the filtering flask via a conical rubber seal (GUKO)





The DURAN® filter funnels and filter crucibles are available in various dimensions.




DURAN® filtering flask with KECK™ assembly set

Erlenmeyer shape
  • Heavy walled for vacuum use
  • Fulfil the regulations of the ”equipment and product safety regulations“ 
  • Plastic hose connection is replaceable
  • Safety instructions



Alongside KECK™ assembly sets, DURAN® filtering flasks are also available with glass tubulatures or glass olives in various dimensions.