Glassware for microbiology

Microscope slides & Cover slips

  • High planarity
  • Very uniform wettability
  • Made in Germany
  • Watch movie


Additional information about microscope slides and cover slips.



DURAN® baffled-bottom flask

with GL 45 thread
  • Baffled-bottom flasks cause a turbulent flow, increase the gas exchange surface and produce a higher oxygen transfer
  • Automated one-step production enables a reproducible geometry and comparable results
  • Also available with membrane screw cap (gas exchange)
  • Available in range of three sizes (250, 500 and 1000 ml) for process scale up



You can find more information about the DURAN® baffled-bottom flask here.




DURAN® culture flask, Erlenmeyer shape

  • Straight neck for metal caps
  • Conical geometry makes the flasks particularly suitable for shaking tests and cultivation of mircoorganism
  • Proven DURAN® properties
  • With easy-to-read scale and large labelling

You can find more information about DURAN® culture flasks and Erlenmeyer flasks here.




Additional scientific information regarding the cultivation of microorganisms are available at Forum Shaking Technology:


DURAN® culture bottle

  • Straight rim for Kapsenberg caps
  • Proven DURAN® properties
  • Suitable for cultivation of mircoorganism






You can find more information about DURAN® culture bottles and culture flasks, Fernbach type here.



DUROPLAN® petri dish

  • Base and lid are flat inside and out
  • Free from bubbles and streaks
  • Made from DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 
  • Proven DURAN properties
  • Guarantee distortion-free viewing.




The petri-dishes are available in various dimensions and likewise made from soda lime glass.