Interchangeable glassware

DURAN® flat flange reaction vessel

flange with groove
  • Pressure and vacuum resistant due to thewall thickness and geometry
  • Groove for O-ring seal (tight closure)
  • Suitable KPG stirrer bearings and shafts available
  • Safety instructions

Matching lids are available for the DURAN® flat flange vessels



DURAN® round bottom flask

with standard ground joint
  • Thanks to the uniform wall thickness, round bottom flasks are ideal as heating vessels
  • The geometry permits very uniform heating
  • Safety instructions




DURAN® Dimroth condenser

with 2 standard ground joints and 2 screw-on plastic hose connections
  • Coil condenser located within a tube
  • Larger heat exchange surface and thus a better cooling effect than the Liebig or Allihn condenser




Other condensers, with varying cooling capacities, are available alongside the DURAN®  Dimroth condensers (see online catalogue).