Batch certificates

DURAN® laboratory glassware with batch identification and quality certificate

Increasing requirements and standards in terms of quality assurance as well as the traceability of primary packaging and auxiliary materials (EN-ISO 9000/8402, GMP, EU 178/2002) are becoming more and more significant.

To meet these requirements, all DURAN® laboratory bottles, reagent bottles, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, baffled flasks and premium caps are provided with a Retrace Code. This eight-digit batch code (two digits for premium caps) allows the products to be retraced to the point of production and the matching batch. The Retrace Code is a contribution to a continuous documentation within the user’s quality management system and it is therefore particularly important in the areas of medicine, the pharmaceutical and food industries.

By using this Retrace Code and the corresponding DURAN® item number (directly or via a selection menu), users can readily retrieve a batch and quality certificate via the internet. Besides the production date, the certificate also provides information on conformity with standards and USP/EP.


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